Download OS from @AppStore. Reboot and Holding down OPTION(ALT).

sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ High\ --volume /Volumes/Disk --applicationpath /Applications/Install\ macOS\ High\ --nointeraction

# Cleanup&Resize Dock. Tab Purchased & Updates @AppStore.
sudo xcode-select --install
ruby -e "$(curl -L"
brew analytics off
sudo sh -c 'easy_install pip;pip install docker-py'
brew install libxslt libxml2 ffmpeg ImageMagick python ansible dtrx wget git tig htop zsh npm
brew cask install virtualbox vagrant vlc iterm2 atom google-chrome
vagrant plugin install vagrant-hostsupdater

# Atom: Settings, Packages, Tree, Hide Ignored Named. (.localized)
apm install atom-beautify file-icons project-manager markdown-writer markdown-pdf pdf-view
sh -c "$(curl -L"
  • Dock: iTerm2, Chrome (uBlock, Mailvelope), Atom, LSnitch, AppCleaner.
  • System Preferences:
    • General: Sidebar icon size “Small”, Disable “Allow Handoff”. Dark.
    • Displays: Night Shift, Custom.
    • Dock: Enable “Minimize windows into application icon”.
    • Language & Region: Keyboard Prefere
      • Text: Disable “Correct spelling automatically”.
      • Shortcut: Input|Enable “Select next”), Spot|Disable “Show Finder”.
      • Input Sources: Click + | Romanian Standard.
    • Security & Privacy: Require password “immediately”. Turn On Firewall.
    • TrackPad: Enable “Tap to click”.
    • Bluetooth: Enable “Show Bluetooth in menu bar”, Turn Off.
    • Accessibility: Mouse & Trackpad: Trackpad Options: Enable Dragging.
  • Battery: Show percentage | Setup Right Sidebar.
  • Finder: New finder: “home”. Sidebar: Show “home”, Disable Tags.
  • iTerm2: Appearance: [x] Show…only one tab. Profiles: Unlimited scroll back.