View open ports without netstat or other tool

Today I wanted to check which ports are open in a CentOS machine, but by default that server do not have netstat or other tool, so I find a workaround for this.

Listen YouTube in CLI / Terminal


Put this line in your “.zshrc” or “.bashrc”.

On the first run set mpv as default player.

You can search with:

Now you can listen to YouTube from terminal and you will consume less bandwidth as well.

Visualize the access log in real time with logstalgia

Install package logstalgia on your computer.

Pipe your logs from the server in logstalgia with –sync.

Note: s01 is your hostname defined in ~/.ssh/config
This is how it looks on one of my servers.
Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 01.12.30
A video from YouTube.

How to get access to email admin account hosted on Google Apps?

I will just put this here because it’s hard to found in the Google.
You can do it if you still have access at DNS.

Download YouTube Playlist

Download YouTube as MP3 or MP4

Save all music from a playlist as mp4 and mp3 with High Quality

You can put your playlist as Unlisted for easy download.

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